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What is your VISION and what are your PRIORITIES for a climate-ready San Antonio? Please take a few minutes to complete this simple survey.

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SA Climate Ready is about creating a more prosperous future for our city and aimed to improve the quality of life of all residents making the city and people better equipped to face expected changes in climate. The SA Climate Ready approach includes everyone, especially you, and will address issues of importance to the entire community including equity, technology, jobs, transportation, housing, air and water quality, and energy efficiency. The City of San Antonio is leading the effort, with support from partnering agencies, and we want you on the team. Community leaders like you are critical to this process, and we welcome your willingness to contribute. We need to reach all members within our city, and your assistance will help us ensure that everyone’s voice is heard as we move forward.

We appreciate your help!

What are Meetings-in-Box and why are we doing them?

The City of San Antonio is at an important crossroads to mitigate greenhouse gases and evaluate and adapt to climate-related impacts to our community. This meeting-in-a-box format is intended to help you share your ideas in a way that is more comfortable and suited to your schedule.

How do I do it?

  • Invite: Identify participants to your meeting. Send out meeting invitations via email, mail, or call invitees.
  • Set up: Select a location where all the participants can be accommodated. Sort appropriate copies. Have enough pens/pencils available
  • Remind: Call and/or email the people you invited 1-2 days before the scheduled meeting.
  • Host: Lead the small-group discussion by outlining the general rules and making sure the meeting stays on topic with all discussion questions being answered.
  • 4 Ways to Submit: Collect all the materials, including the individual response sheets, demographic information from each participant. Submit information via drop-off or mail to 1400 S Flores, Unit 2, San Antonio, TX 78204, input into Survey Monkey (feedback and evaluation surveys), or email to

What do I need?

We have the tools you need to help get you started, so get together with family, friends, community groups, associations, co-workers, school and neighbors and begin the conversation!

Meeting-in-a-Box Tools:

General Discussion Rules

  1. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to talk and be present in the conversation
  2. Focus on your group’s discussion
  3. Listen, avoid criticism, and respect limited time
  4. Be honest, and try to understand other viewpoints
  5. Try not to interrupt the host or other group members
  6. Avoid making things personal during the discussion
  7. Turn off the ringer on your cell phone!

For more information, contact:

The Office of Sustainability | 1400 S Flores St. Unit 2 San Antonio, TX 78204 | (210) 207-6103 |




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